The Stock Market Roller Coaster: How to Navigate It (Ep. 16)

The Stock Market Roller Coaster: How to Navigate It (Ep. 16)

As markets rise to new highs, it is normal to think about investing to take advantage of the bullish trend. 

The fact that you are considering investing is great, but what factors should you consider before making your decision?

This time on the Financial Leverage Point, John Iannucci pulls back the curtain on the dynamics of the stock market, especially in light of the Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rates and the impact of major global events. He dives into the importance of adopting a cautious approach when the market seems too good to be true, referencing the wise words of Warren Buffet about being fearful when others are greedy. 

John discusses: 

  • The current market environment and the impact of Federal Reserve policies
  • The role of major companies, dubbed the “Magnificent Seven,” in driving market value
  • Strategies for managing investment risks and avoiding the pitfalls of market timing
  • Practical steps for aligning your investment portfolio with your risk tolerance and long-term goals
  • And more!


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