About Us

About Us

Real-World Asset Protection

We understand that highly successful individuals and families require something more than regular wealth management services.

Drawing on over 35 years of expertise as a tax attorney, we’re dedicated to helping our clients diversify and elevate their financial future – enabling them to pursue success in ways they never thought possible!

ILG does what we do because

– Partnering with highly successful individuals and families in the growth/guardianship/perpetuation of their wealth is our passion.
– We are devoted fiduciaries who take our duties/responsibilities personally.
– Cookie-cutter solutions underwhelm, eventually. That’s part of why we’re fiercely independent.

Our specialties include

– Tax Avoidance and Mitigation Strategies
– Strategically-Aligned Asset Management
– Estate & Legacy Planning
– Business Growth and Wealth Transition Strategies
– Optimized Philanthropic Planning

Our history, to date, includes

– Over 37 years of “Real-World Experience” designing and managing business, retirement, and estate plans for successful families.
– Personally designed, or managed the design of, over 500 sophisticated estate plans.
– Managed and effectuated over 100 successful business growth and transition plans.
– Much more