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Are Annuities the Right Choice for Your Retirement Plan? (Ep. 13)

Are Annuities the Right Choice for Your Retirement Plan? (Ep. 13)

Annuities are one of the most popular and controversial financial products in the market. 

They offer an income stream for life, but they also come with high fees, complex terms, and potential risks. 

How can you decide if annuities are right for your retirement plan? 

In this episode, John Iannucci unravels the complexities of annuities, aiming to clarify whether they are beneficial or detrimental to retirement planning. John simplifies the details of annuities and sheds light on why some retirees might be hesitant to embrace them. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of selecting the right financial advisor, providing a free qualification questionnaire to assist listeners.

John discuss: 

  • The importance of understanding annuities and the biases of financial professionals
  • The reasons behind the low purchase rate of annuities
  • The different types of annuities and their various features
  • The importance of selecting the right advisor for annuity advice
  • The regulatory concerns and the need for fair independent analysis
  • A list of critical questions and qualifications for selecting the right advisor
  • And more!


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