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The Worst Mistakes Investors Make When Changing Advisors​​ (Ep. 15)

The Worst Mistakes Investors Make When Changing Advisors​​ (Ep. 15)

Are you considering changing financial advisors, but unsure about the pitfalls to avoid? 

Want to know the biggest mistakes investors make when searching for a new advisor?

Join John Iannucci as he dives into the critical task of selecting the right financial advisor, discussing the pitfalls of focusing solely on fees, the risks of pitting advisors against each other, and the dangers of the DIY investor mindset. John emphasizes the importance of a fiduciary advisor and offers key questions to ask potential advisors, all aimed at ensuring your financial strategy aligns with your ambitions.

John discusses: 

  • The mistakes investors make when changing advisors and the pitfalls to avoid
  • The pitfalls of engaging in a bidding war with advisors over fees and the risks associated with discounting fees
  • The challenges of clients who believe they can manage their investments better than professional advisors
  • The significance of working with a fiduciary advisor and the challenges in determining if an advisor is truly acting as a fiduciary
  • And more!


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