Is Your Wealth Manager Really a Fiduciary? (Ep. 3)

Is Your Wealth Manager Really a Fiduciary? (Ep. 3)

Are you confident that your financial advisor is acting in your best interest?

You often hear the term “fiduciary,” but what does that mean? 

In this episode, John Iannucci discusses the importance of fiduciary responsibility in the financial services industry. John introduces the concept of dual-licensed brokers and the conflict of interest that arises when they claim to be fiduciaries while still being licensed with a broker-dealer. 

John discusses: 

  • How to check if your advisor is truly a fiduciary
  • What you should know about certifications from fee-for-service organizations
  • How to go about trusting advisors who claim to be employees of a bank or broker-dealer 
  • And more


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