A Holistic Approach To Revolutionizing Estate Planning (Ep. 7)

A Holistic Approach To Revolutionizing Estate Planning (Ep. 7)

The importance of communication in estate planning cannot be overstated, in fact it might be the most crucial aspect of these client relationships. 

In this episode, John Iannucci speaks with Michael Sneeringer, an estate planning attorney. They discuss the role of an estate planning attorney in creating and managing clients’ estate plans, with a focus on business succession planning and asset protection. Michael emphasizes the importance of communication and taking a holistic approach to estate planning. 

John and Michael also discuss the need to update estate planning documents regularly and the essential documents every client should have. They touch on the topic of revocable trusts and commonly made estate planning errors. 

Michael discusses: 

  • Revocable trusts and common estate planning errors 
  • Primary goals of clients seeking estate planning services
  • The importance of updating estate planning documents regularly
  • Essential estate planning documents every client should have
  • Discussion on revocable trusts and their limitations
  • And more

Connect with Michael:

Connect with John: 

About our Guest: 

Michael practices estate planning, estate administration and wealth preservation within the firm’s Corporate Department. His major areas of focus are estate planning, estate administration, asset protection and tax law.

Michael regularly publishes and presents on key issues around trust and estate planning. He is the Trust & Estate articles editor for Probate & Property Magazine and reports annually from the Philip E. Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning for the American Bar Association Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law.

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