From Imaginary Gains to Real Strategies (Ep. 10)

From Imaginary Gains to Real Strategies (Ep. 10)

One of the most challenging aspects of investing is dealing with the uncertainty of the market and the tax implications of your decisions. 

In this enlightening episode, John Iannucci sheds light on the pitfalls of chasing gains that exist only on paper. It’s a common trap that many investors fall into, enticed by the allure of profits that haven’t materialized until stocks are sold. While the temptation is real, the risks and potential pitfalls are equally substantial.

But fear not! John not only identifies the problem but offers a roadmap to navigate the challenges. One key area of concern is non-qualified accounts, where gains from selling investments are subject to taxation. However, armed with knowledge, you can proactively tackle this issue by adopting a gradual gain strategy. This approach not only helps in mitigating risks but also provides a steady and sustainable path to financial success.

John discusses: 

  • Non-qualified accounts and how gains realized on the sale of investments in these accounts are subject to taxation
  • The importance of mitigating unnecessary taxes and specific strategies
  • The need to consult with a tax and legal advisor for personalized advice
  • The need for coordinated efforts among individual trusted advisors
  • How ILG Private Wealth coordinates and integrates critical services to provide ongoing advice to clients
  • And more!


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